The 28 Day Diet: Explanation and Diet Plan

You’ll probably agree with me, there are a ton of 28 Day Diet’s online but get this, most come WITHOUT quantities.


…this blog post will show you every meal on the 28-day diet, with food quantities, I promise!

If followed correctly, you can lose up to 8kg’s in the next 28 days!

Here it is…

28 Day Diet Plan

012 Egg Omlette with Cheese and mushrooms Almonds, handful Bread-less burger with Salad Boiled egg 200g Fish with Veg
022 Boiled eggs with Tomato Hummus with Celery 1 Bowl Sweet Potato Soup Almonds, handful Roast Chicken and Veg
032 Rasher Bacon, 2 eggs and Tomato 50g Lean Biltong 150g Chicken Avo Salad Hummus with Celery Bread-less Burger with 50g Sweet Potato Chips
04Smoked Salmon and eggs Boiled egg 200g Fish and Veggies Salad 200g Pulled Pork and Salad
05Half Cup Oats with Apple Hummus with Celery 150g Pulled pork with coleslaw Boiled egg Pork Chops with Veg
06Fruit Salad Salad 200g Pork Chops with Veg Hummus with Celery 250g Steak with Sweet Potato Wedges
07Half Cup Oats with Banana Boiled egg Omelette with Bacon and Cheese Salad 200g Leg of Lamb with veg
08 2 Scrambles eggs and Banana Salad Pizza Soup – Soup using pizza toppings 50g Lean Biltong Pork Chops with Veg
09Avo and Egg Salad Almonds, handful Chicken breast and sweet potato wedges Hummus with Celery 200g Fish with Veg
102 Rasher Bacon, 2 eggs and Tomato Boiled egg Butternut Soup Boiled egg Roast Chicken and Veg
112 Boiled eggs with Tomato Hummus with Celery 150g Chicken Avo Salad Hummus with Celery 200g Fish with Veg
12Half Cup Oats with Apple Salad 150g Pulled pork with coleslaw 50g Lean Biltong 250g Steak with Sweet Potato Wedges
13Smoked Salmon and eggs Almonds, handful Chicken breast and sweet potato wedges Almonds, handful 200g Pulled Pork and Salad
14Avo and Egg Salad Hummus with Celery 150g Pulled pork with coleslaw Salad Roast Chicken and Veg
15Half Cup Oats with Banana 50g Lean Biltong Butternut Soup Almonds, handful 200g Fish with Veg
162 Rasher Bacon, 2 eggs and Tomato Boiled egg 150g Fish with Avo Salad Hummus with Celery Bread-less Burger
172 Scrambles eggs and Banana Almonds, handful Bread-less burger with Salad Boiled egg Roast Chicken and Veg
18Half Cup Oats with Apple Hummus with Carrots 150g Chicken Avo Salad Almonds, handful 200g Steak with Veg
19Fruit Salad Hummus with Celery Omelette with Bacon and Cheese Salad 200g Pulled Pork and Salad
20Avo and Egg Salad Salad 150g Pulled pork with coleslaw 50g Lean Biltong 200g Steak with Sweet Potato Wedges
212 Rasher Bacon, 2 eggs and Tomato Almonds, handful Bread-less burger with Salad Almonds, handful Roast Chicken and Veg
222 Scrambles eggs and Banana 50g Lean Biltong Butternut Soup Boiled egg 200g Fish with Veg
232 Egg Omlette with Cheese and mushrooms Boiled egg Omelette with Bacon and Cheese Hummus with Celery 200g Fish with Veg
24Half Cup Oats with Apple Hummus with Carrots 150g Fish with Avo Salad 50g Lean Biltong Bread-less Burger with 50g Sweet Potato Chips
252 Rasher Bacon, 2 eggs and Tomato Salad Bread-less burger with Salad Almonds, handful Roast Chicken and Veg
262 Egg Omlette with Cheese and mushrooms Almonds, handful Chicken breast and sweet potato wedges Salad 200g Pulled Pork and Salad
27Smoked Salmon and eggs Boiled egg 150g Pulled pork with coleslaw 50g Lean Biltong Roast Chicken and Veg
28Fruit Salad 50g Lean Biltong Omelette with Bacon and Cheese Boiled egg 200g Fish with Veg

If you need to find some meal alternatives for the above, make sure you check out our Banting Green List. It contains a full list of healthy foods you can use while being on this diet.

28 Diet Plan Tips:

  • Use left overs from the night before for lunch.
  • Remember, mix and match meals if you wish.
  • If you don’t eat a specific food, swop for another food item.

Drinks while on the diet:

  • Stay away from all sugary drinks. Including fruit juices!
  • Black tea, coffee, and Green Tea are allowed.
  • Limit alcohol intake. If you do drink try limit yourself to wine or spirits without mix.

How much weight will you lose?

When following this 28 Day Eating Plan, there is a good chance that you’ll begin noticing results really early on. Some people even lose 2 to 3 kgs in the very first week.

But there is a catch

Most people will find that the first week or so is really tough. Decreasing the number of calories that you consume can be difficult, but remember that it’ll pay off significantly in the long run.

As your body begins to cleanse itself, you’ll notice headaches and a lack of energy. Once those side effects pass, you’ll begin to feel much better and you’ll start to notice the results.

Basic Principles of the 28 Day Diet

Believe it or not, losing weight in just 28 days can be easy and you’ll find that out firsthand. To achieve your goals, you just need to follow some basic principles.

  • You should always eat at least one gram of protein for each 500g of body-weight.
  • Keep carbohydrate intake low. Shoot for around 100 to 150 grams of carbs per day.
  • Stay away from all Sugar.

You’ll Still Eat Delicious Foods

When following the 28 Day Diet, you’ll be surprised that you’ll still get to consume plenty of delicious foods. For breakfast, you’ll be allowed a protein salad. On another day, you’ll be able to enjoy hummus and celery. On Sunday, you even get to eat eggs and bacon.


Switching from soda to water can be difficult, but you can do it. On average, you should be consuming 2 liters of water each day.

As long as you stick with the basics principles below, you’ll be able to lose weight and still eat delicious foods.

Understanding the 28 Day Diet

Almost everyone out there would like to lose a little bit of weight. Unfortunately, losing weight isn’t always simple or easy. Most people realize that losing weight requires them to consume a low-calorie diet while working out and exercising regularly.

People overwhelm themselves with questions like; what foods are acceptable? Is it really possible to lose weight in a short span of time? These answers do not always come easily.

Thankfully, the 28 Day Diet is designed to provide you with a path to weight loss in just a month’s time. Below, you’ll learn all about this unique diet plan.

Mix It Up, Pick and Choose Meals from Different Days

When following a 28 Day Diet Plan, you should really let yourself have a little freedom. Do not feel obligated to follow a calendar that consists of pre-planned meals. Instead, you should pick and choose. Just follow the basic rules above and you’ll be fine.

Also, remember to mix it up and have fun with it. Making things unique and original will help you remain on the straight and narrow. The 28-day diet plan below only serves as a guideline. If you would like to mix the days, go ahead.

If you have any questions about this diet, please scroll down and leave a comment. If you liked this diet, please share it with your friends by clicking on one of the social icons on your screen. It’s literally the only way my content gets out there. 🙂

*28 Day Diet Disclaimer

This content is to be used for educational purposes only. It is in no way intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical or health condition. This content does not substitute medical advice. Before starting any diet, weight loss product, or fitness program, ALWAYS consult with your DR first. By using this diet, you have read and understood this 28-day diet Disclaimer.

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