Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make You Poop? ANSWERED!

Apple cider vinegar has gained huge amounts of popularity over the past few years for its health benefits, but does it help you poop better?

Apple cider vinegar promotes healthy and regular bowel movements because it contains pectin, a soluble fiber that is known to help overall digestion. Apple cider vinegar is also acidic, which usually helps with constipation.

Keep reading to find out exactly how much apple cider vinegar you need to drink to relieve constipation without causing any harm to your digestive system.

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Constipation

People who promote apple cider vinegar as a treatment for constipation often claim that it acts as a natural laxative and helps constipation because it contains:

  • Pectin. A water-soluble fiber that can help improve your overall digestion.
  • Malic acid. Digestion-friendly malic acid and acetic acid.
  • Magnesium. A mineral that helps promote regular bowel movements.
  • Acidity. The acidity of the vinegar may also act as a natural laxative to improve people’s digestion.

How To Take Apple Cider Vinegar For Constipation Relief

The best way to drink apple cider vinegar for constipation relief is by drinking 1 to 3 teaspoons mixed with warm water and honey twice a day on an empty stomach, (or at least 20 min after a meal,) until constipaion has been relieved.

But please be warned, you should always consult with your doctor before starting to consume more apple cider vinegar than you would as part of your regular diet.

You may think that drinking apple cider vinegar after food might aid in weight loss.

But this is not healthy at all, in fact, it can delay your digestion process. Drinking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach maximizes health benefits and boosts the ability to process food.

If you want to drink it after food, wait for at least 20 minutes.

9 Natural Ways To Relieve Constipation

  1. Using senna, which is an herbal laxative
  2. Eating foods that are high in prebiotics, such as garlic
  3. Eating more fiber
  4. Drinking caffeinated coffee
  5. Exercising regularly
  6. Eating prunes
  7. Avoiding dairy products
  8. Taking probiotics, either in foods or as supplements
  9. Trying a tailored diet plan for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Risks and Side Effects Of Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Frequent urination 

ACV may cause more frequent urination. Speak to your doctor before drinking it, especially if you take diuretics, like chlorothiazide or Lasix, or other medications.

Upset stomach

Drinking ACV may make you queasy or gassy. Diluting it or consuming it with food may help prevent these side effects. 

If you drink too much at one time, apple cider vinegar may actually cause diarrhea. The sugars in the cider can stimulate peristalsis. If taken undiluted, the apple cider vinegar may pull water out of the body into the bowel, making the stool more watery. The cider can also kill off the good bacteria in your intestines.

Low potassium

Regularly drinking ACV may affect your mineral levels and lead to low potassium.

Consider taking a daily multivitamin and eating potassium-rich foods, such as bananas. Get a multivitamin online.

Tooth damage

Like any acidic beverage, ACV may erode your tooth enamel or irritate your mouth or throat. 

To prevent tooth and mouth issues:

  • dilute the ACV
  • drink the mixture through a straw
  • rinse your mouth afterward

Reduced bone density

Regularly drinking ACV may reduce your bone density. If you have osteoporosis or you’re at high risk of developing it, speak with your doctor before drinking ACV.

Skin issues

Drinking ACV may lead to acne and skin redness in some people.


Some people have also reported headaches after drinking ACV.


If you experience itchiness, a runny nose, or other symptoms after drinking ACV, you may be allergic to it. Stop taking it and report your symptoms to your doctor.

Apple cider vinegar may interact with certain drugs. If you take any of the following medications, talk to your doctor before consuming.

People who experience adverse side effects after trying apple cider vinegar should avoid having it again.

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